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Price of KD Max

We offer at a price of 1200EUR (netto) the full version of KD Max with cutting tool

pudełko programu KD Max

KD Max contains:

Professional rendering engine

Lifetime license

Edition of furniture

Ability to create custom furniture and add them to the database

The ability to import models in the following formats: dwg, 3ds, skp, dxf.

List of materials

List of collision

Full documentation (CAD 2D)

Construction of built-in wardrobes

MAX Cutting

Cutting optimization


Updates of your version

The ability to create:

- Photo-realistic visualization

- 360 degree Panorama

- Animation


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You can download a trial version of KD Max

Trial version of KD Max

(427 MB)

W celu pobrania wersji demonstracyjnej prosimy o uzupełnienie formularza.

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I want to arrange an apartment

I am an entrepreneur and think to purchase KD Max


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